Arlyn School Bill of Rights

During the 2009 school year the Arlyn School community, comprised of both students and staff, created the “Arlyn School Bill of Rights.” The purpose of this experience was to strengthen our school community by developing social guidelines for how students and staff will related to one another, and to establish a sense of order and safety. Both students and staff engaged in a democratic and interactive process to identify the rights available to all in the school setting, and the responsibilities needed to uphold these rights. This experience took place during small advisory group and larger school-wide meetings. On October 26, 2009, the Arlyn School Bill of Rights was ratified and adopted by the school community.

The Right to be Respected

Student Responsibility: Students will demonstrate caring and respect toward others by listening, using manners, and refraining from mockery, gossip, and bullying behavior.

Staff Responsibility: Staff will model caring and respectful behaviors by listening to students, acknowledging inaccuracies, and being knowledgeable of individual student needs.

The Right to Equitable Treatment

Student Responsibility: Students will accept responsibility for their actions by making staff and peers aware of any stressful or emotional issues experienced.

Staff Responsibility: Staff will address student behavior in a clear, consistent and neutral manner within the context a student provides, and as outlined in school policy.

The Right to Be Safe

Student Responsibility: Students will follow school safety policies in a calm manner, and be aware of their needs and the needs of others to be physically and emotionally safe in the school environment.

Staff Responsibility: Staff will ensure communication as well as provide support and appropriate boundaries while assessing any situations carefully to maintain the safest school environment.

The Right To Learn

Student Responsibility: Students will pursue learning by trying their best, being prepared for class, and addressing their needs to be able to learn.

Staff Responsibility: Staff will provide engaging instruction by utilizing a variety of teaching approaches and materials while maintaining a patient yet encouraging atmosphere.