Extended Day

The unique needs of our students often extend beyond the seven (7) hour instructional day. Beginning in August, 2007, Arlyn began offering an Extended Therapeutic Day Program option for up to three (3) days per week. Arlyn Extended Day is a two hour program provided after the regular school day, offering specialized structured activities based on student need and the recommendation of the IEP team.

Since the Extended Day is an add-on program, the decision about placement is individually justified based on the specific clinical and educational needs of the particular child. The rationale for an extra level of service may be based on the student’s lack of progress, the need for more intensity, insufficient time to address generalization and practice of skills, and/or the need for more community opportunities not feasible within the school day.

The Extended Day Program ties into the regular day program by incorporating the same goals with additional services for some students and addressing a broader range of goals in a different way than the day program for other students. Students can be enrolled in 1, 2 or 3 extended days per week during the regular school year. Program options change quarterly.

Arlyn Extended Day Program objectives include:

  • Supporting a student toward proactive use of leisure time;
  • Providing a positive, structured and challenging therapeutic environment in order to nurture and support individual and group social competencies;
  • Exploring and expanding a student’s interests;
  • Improving and enhancing academic performance, emotional adjustment, and conflict resolution skills;
  • Encouraging and reinforcing a student’s self-awareness, growth, and independence;
  • Constructing an informal learning environment to create a meaningful program that engages students in critical thinking and problem solving;
  • Offering academic strategies to develop and practice effective study skills and organization.

Art Studio
Multimedia and Technology
Stock Market Club
Theatre Games and Improv
Guitar with North Shore Music Institute
Dirt That Works, a suburban worm farm (student-operated green business)
The Kindness Connection/Service Learning
Interactive Games


Extended Day operates from 3:00 – 4:40 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays – except for holidays and vacations
Activities change every 9 weeks