Is to build a safe, therapeutic, student-centered learning community.

We seek to nurture personal growth, inspire a love of learning, promote self-expression, and strengthen relationships among students, families, staff and the community at large.

Our vision is for students to be empowered, prepared, and self-assured as fully invested members of society.


Arlyn School addresses the needs of internalizing students ages 10-21 with average or above average intelligence demonstrating emotional, behavioral, learning, and/or attention issues.

Arlyn School’s goal is to provide structure, individualization and support to our students and their families. Arlyn collaborates with home districts to promote successful reintegration into the public school system, competitive employment and/or post-secondary education.

Enrollment is year-round on a non-discriminatory basis. Students participate in a continuous school year program following a regular and extended school year calendar.

Approved for students with ED, SLD, OHI, AUT