Staff Email Directory

The phone number for Arlyn School is 1-847-256-7117. There are no staff voice mailboxes. You may reach any staff member by dialing the main number and asking for them by first or last name.

FirstName LastName EmailAddress
Eddie Amaral
Jennifer Beacom
Fabio Buda
Katie Foreman
Amy Davis
John Dominguez
Joan Duerig
Ryan Gallagher
Talia Gallagher
Michele Gardner
Judy Goldstein
Jennifer Keller
Barb Kite
Mary Lind
Bruce MacTaggart
Heather Mages
Lynett Mohr
Karen Parisian
James Schoessling
Robin Sowl
Kate Stewart
Katie Tingle
Patricia Tomich
John Ward
Jessica Wheeler
Judy Zimmerman

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