Announcing AXIS

The Arlyn Transition Program Presents: AXIS

AXIS is a one year program providing personalized guidance and support to students moving from high school into adulthood.

Explore, prepare, expand; be ready for wherever life takes you.

Find your direction, pursue your goals!

AXIS provides a safe environment for post-high school students to explore career and learning opportunities and plan for wherever life leads.

Licensed, experienced staff coach and support students age 18 to 21 who have completed high school requirements but are unsure of what to do next. Whether preparing for college, a trade, or professional career, the AXIS program helps students gain clarity, direction, and confidence moving forward.

A new initiative, a new direction, a turning point in one’s life!

AXIS is a one year program focused on developing the whole person. The AXIS program is located on the beautiful Arlyn School campus in Highland Park Illinois, and meets three to five days a week, year round.

College Preparation and Support

Students visit college campuses, complete college applications, take entrance exams, attend orientations, meet with college counselors, and learn to advocate for their learning needs.

AXIS staff assist in enrolling every AXIS student in a community college class of their choice. Professional educators, therapists, and rehabilitation counselors actively support students with all aspects of college life, from navigating campus to joining clubs and activities.

Vocational Programming

AXIS students receive instruction in resume writing, job interview training, and coaching in career interest exploration. Structured supervised internships at local businesses provide AXIS students the opportunity to develop valuable on-the-job skills. Students learn to communicate professionally, resolve conflict in the workplace, and practice good employee habits.

Social Skills and Life Skills

AXIS students learn money management skills, organization techniques, and develop the confidence to safely and independently access public transportation. Students strengthen their academic and study skills through participation in online non-credit college courses. Licensed clinicians facilitate group and individual instruction in building interpersonal relationships, managing stress, and developing personal insight.

AXIS is currently accepting public school referrals and private applications. All inquiries regarding the application process should be made to:

Barb Kite, Transition Program Manager,
John Dominguez, Ph.D., Program Psychologist,
Judy Goldstein, LSW, C.A.S., Executive Director,